Octopus USB Controller

Device Compatibility

Although the list of USB devices compatible with Octopus USB Controller is ever growing, and virtually any device can be added on the fly with OUC's "AutoLearn" functionality, below is a list of devices which are fully compatible:

USB Foot Pedals
Buddy/Insync FootSwitch 7G
Buddy/Insync ElbowSwitch 7G
Certified Transcription Aid Pedal
Grundig Digta Foot Control 538 USB
Grundig Digta Foot Control 540 USB
Grundig SoundBox 830 USB
Infinity IN-USB1*
Infinity Foot Control IN-USB-2
Infinity Foot Control IN-SRW
Olympus Foot Switch RS27
Olympus Foot Switch RS28
Olympus Foot Switch RS31
Philips Foot Control LFH 2320
Philips Foot Control LFH 2330
SpeechWare USB Single Foot Pedal (under development)
SpeechWare USB Triple Foot Pedal (under development)
Xkeys USB

Hand-held USB Microphones:

Buddy StylusMic
Nuance/Dictaphone PowerMic II
Olympus DR-1200
Philips Speechmike Air LFH3000
Philips Speechmike Classic 6264
Philips Speechmike Pro 5276
Philips Speechmike LFH3500/00
Philips Speechmike Classic 6264
Philips SpeechMike 6274
Philips Speechmike Pro 5276

Desktop USB Microphones (Volume Up/Down buttons):

SpeechWare USB 3-in-1 TableMike
SpeechWare USB 6-in-1 TableMike
SpeechWare USB 9-in-1 TableMike

USB KeyPads:  All tested keypads have been found to be compatible with OUC. Specific button functionality is not seen until a button is programmed.

*Recognized as an Infinity IN USB2 but programs normally.


Octopus USB Controller is a Product of SpeechWare, is distributed in North America by
Speech Recognition Solutions, LLC and is sold only through authorized resellers.
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