Octopus USB Controller


Although we recommend reviewing the full OUC User Guide for details of use, the following screenshots will provide you with a good idea of the "look and feel" of Octopus USB Controller.


Main Screen for a Philips SpeechMike Premium (LFH3500) with some sample programming:

OUC and SpeechMike Premium

Main Screen for a Nuance/Dictaphone PowerMic II (note that the actual programming shown represents the choice of a specific user):

PowerMic II Screenshot


Main Screen for a typical USB keypad:

OUC Screenshot of Keypad


Screenshot of Boilerplate Text Tab:

OUC and boilerplate text


Screenshot of Dragon Commands Tab:

OUC and Dragon Commands


Screenshot of Dragon Hotkeys Tab:

OUC and Dragon Hotkeys


Screenshot of Keyboard Emulation Tab:

OUC Screenshot of Keyboard Emulation Tab


Screenshot of Launch Tab: (This run command opens WordPad)

OUC and Launch Command


Screenshot of Windows Tab:

OUC and Windows Commands


Screenshot of Custom Script Tab: This is a script that opens a sample Excel timesheet on the desktop, presses an F5 key to open the Excel "Go To" window, enters a specific cell to navigate to (D10) and then presses the enter key.

OUC and Custom Scripts

Screenshot of Advanced Tab: The programming shown below sets Dragon into the "spell mode" while the button is pressed and back to the normal mode when the button is released.

OUC and Advanced Programming


Octopus USB Controller is a Product of SpeechWare, is distributed in North America by
Speech Recognition Solutions, LLC and is sold only through authorized resellers.
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