Octopus USB Controller

Octopus USB Controller

From the makers of the acclaimed "TableMike" and "TravelMike" series of microphones comes this powerful software application that can boost the efficiency of almost every computer user. Octopus USB Controller configures the buttons, keys or levers on any USB Human Interface Device (HID) to convert a push into action on a computer.

What it Does

When configured by Octopus USB Controller, the press of a programmed button, key or lever can do any of the following:

  • Insert boilerplate text (text of your choosing)
  • Initiate any of a series of Windows activities, such as moving forward and backward through open applications, opening the Task Manager, and other common Windows functions/activities
  • Open any application, document, web-page, or folder
  • Emulate any key or key-combination
  • For Dragon users, initiate any Dragon Hotkey or command (including user created commands)
  • If desired, assign separate functions to the push and the release of a button, key or lever
  • Combine an unlimited number of the above functions into a single "script" initiated with a single button, key or lever push

In addition, OUC provides a large and configurable "Microphone Status indicator" to facilitate awareness of the microphone on/off/standby status and extends the software functionality for users of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to allow use of Dragon Template (field navigation commands) in the Premium and Home versions.

Additional Information

Licensing and Usage

Once your trial period is complete you are required to purchase an activation code/license to continue using the product. At the price of $69.99 you are entitled to the following:

  1. Unlimited use on two computers
  2. Free upgrades for a period of one year
  3. Free support for a period of one year
  4. Ability to extend support and upgrades for a period of one year at about one half of the initial cost

Obtaining & Installing OUC

A fully functioning version of Octopus USB Controller is available as a free download, to be used on a trial basis. To download a copy today, please click on the "Download Now" link shown below. Once your 3-use trial period is complete, you will need to purchase an activation code. Activation codes can be purchased from any of the certified resellers listed below.

Download Fully Functional Trial Version Now

Download and installation instructions:

  1. Download the latest OUC application by clicking on the download link above and save the Zip file anywhere you want.
  2. Right click on the downloaded Zip file and click "Extract Here"
  3. Once extracted, double-click on the Setup application to begin the short process of application installation

Note: If you have an trouble downloading OUC from the above link you may, as an alternative, obtain the trial version from the SpeechWare Application Download Page.

OUC Resellers - Source of Activation Codes and other SpeechWare Products

Octopus USB Controller activation codes are sold only by certified resellers who, in addition to providing you with a current download, are able to provide you with access to support channels in the event that you need assistance in using OUC. These resellers also carry the full range of SpeechWare hardware, including the TableMike Series, FlexyMike, and TravelMike.

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